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THE RUDY TOOL# 2 1. A Multiple Sewer Clean-out Cap Wrench with 16 varius shapes designed to fit and remove 4 and 3 inch Sewer Clean-out Caps. 2. THE RUDY TOOL is Manufactured by UNITED STATES VETRANS. 3.Who can use ? THE RUDY TOOL 1. PLUMBERS 2. RESIDENTIAL HOME OWENER'S 3. RV OWENER'S 4. MUNICIPALITIES TECHS 4. This product was developed to save the Business Owener's and Residential Home Owener's money. By not having to break Sewer Clean-Out Caps, because we don't have that certain wrench to fit the Caps, So your left to break them. Having worked in the Underground Utilities field. I created aTool that keep Tech's SAFE and Companies Quartly tool monthly Buget down. THE RUDY TOOL# 1 1. Was created for Underground Utilities Tech's or Municipalities Utilities Tech's. 2. Its hard to follow Rules, when it comes to lifting Water Shut-off Valves and Grease interceptors not having the right tools. 3. THE RUDY TOOL # 1 was made to lift these covers with ease, no bending, juct insert into cover and left. My Company provides SAFETY TOOLS. With all the hardships many people suffer life long disabilities. WHY, IMPROPER USE OF TOOLS.

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